Friday, April 4, 2008

Kudlow and Insana on Baer

LK's typical BS, "Regulators won was not a bail out of BSC, it was a bail out of the banking system...regulators stone walled senators"

What's the difference. A bail out is a bail out is a bail out. What does it say about the confidence of the regulators in the banking system if the failure of one bank is enough to topple the whole system? This was also pointed out by a republican senator and of course the so called regulators evaded a direct answer. In the future the Fed and the SEC will have a man standing behind every trading desk on Wall Street. That can't be good for business. What's the alternative you ask? I don't even want to go there.

Ron Insana was more on the point by making clear that speculators did not break Bear.
"You don't have a run on a solvent bank. This is puppy kak. There can be absolute no blame on speculators."

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source: Baring All on Bear
CNBC, Maria Bartiromo

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