Wednesday, April 16, 2008

JCT - The man who saved the world

At the morning of August 9th last year Jean-Claude Trichet, the president of the ECB, stepped in and provided unlimited funds for financial institutions. His actions have saved the industrialized world from a financial meltdown of colossal proportions and are still the only really effective measure countering the financial turbulences to date.

Here is a first hand account from the engagement of the ECB during the current financial turmoil. I have picked some of the pearls:

"...First liquidity response came on morning of 9th of August last year...overnight rate of LIBOR increased significantly...The ECB injected liquidity into the market with full allotment ( 95 bn euro or $130 bn)."

on credit derivatives:
"...the resilience of that time (bursting of the bubble) had been wrongly attributed to the use of financial derivatives. Now of course is the real test."

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With JCT as the most influential central banker of our time I am now more confident that the financial system can weather the storm.

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source: The Big Picture
Barry Ritholtz

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