Thursday, May 1, 2008

Goldbug Sinclair cuts to the chase

Jim Sinclai's MineSet

Let’s cut to the chase:
1. The potential for the bottom of the gold price being today is 75%.
2. If it is not today, then the bottom for the price of gold is very close by.
3. The downside in gold will be in by the end of the first week of May or sooner.
4. On the 8th of May interest will increase in junior precious metals shares. This interest will first be in the most meritorious issues.
5. Probabilities support the price of gold going back above $1000, failing, and on the third try making a new high.
6. The price of gold is going to $1650.
7. The euro is going to a minimum of 2 to the dollar.
8. The USDX will trade at .5200
9. Precious metals shares will be the darlings of the market prior to 2011.

These are rather extreme positions but Sinclair is not unreasonable at all.

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